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Connecting The Delivery Network

TKC is your place to collaborate and share knowledge and experience. 

We have so many different groups in the company which could benefit from each other’s experience.

Please contribute to TKC to make this place a living campus. 

Let others benefit from your knowledge, in exchange you will benefit from theirs.


TKC wants to build the glue for all COE members to collaborate and share Knowledge Items.

All COE members should contribute some Knowledge Cards. From their current project work, their existing knowledge or learning experience.

Only if we all contribute to this database on TKC, there will be a benefit for you and your peers across the COEs.


We don't know what we know. And even worse, we don't know what we don't know.

We have a lot of similar projects where consultants are going to pretty much the same pain. But where are the Lessons learnt ? How does the experience move back into the product ? How do other consultants get aware of those obstacles ? What are the processes to feedback ?  In TKC we want to learn from what we already know. And we call it  Experience Sharing

Services and Product

We need a better information flow

Feedback from the Field to Product,
More awareness of new products and enhancements,
Initial Knowledge Transfer,
Demos and Workshops

All this will be organized in TKC


Delivery of Productized Services went to the Regions. Global Services Owners are still to be found and assigned.

Those of you who are delivering these Productized Services like Upgrade Assessment, need to work together and share collaterals and experience. Guided and supported by the Global Productized Service Owner.

TKC will give you a home for that.

How To Contribute

Everything is a
Knowledge Card

We have created several Knowledge Cards which can contain different Knowledge Card Items. For example,

Performance Tuning Card, Do’s and Dont’s, Q&A Cards, HowTo’s and Events

They can contain the Knowledge information or just link to the content on other websites, internally and externally. You have seen some of them already on the Home Page.


The idea is to have these little pieces with Knowledge or Experience as part of the Knowledge Collection and at the same time you can add them quick and easy.

You have something to share / tell / ask ?
Just fill out a minimal form and publish.


Imagine, 100 people adding 5 items each week, we will massively grow our Knowledge Base

Knowledge Cards

Have specific properties

Different Cards - Different Requirements.

Can contain anything

Small pieces of information up to comprehensive blogs

Have an Owner

The contributor who created it is also the moderator for discussions, which can come up in the comments

Expire at some day

When the expiration date is reached, the owner gets a message and has options to either improve or remove

More ?

We’re keen to get your opinion. 

If you have ideas what we can add in TKC, don’t hesitate to talk to us. Remember:

This is your place