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Future Enhancements

Card Types

Besides the enhancements of the portal usability, we have a lot more ideas for new Card Types. Some of them will be very specific, but we will also add some generic cards. You can find some ideas on the knowledge library page.


Feedback Funnel

For the Quality and Relevance of our Products it is essential, that we get feedback from Services.

We need to funnel the feedback in the projects and transfer to the right product people.


Awareness of what comes up in the next months or years would help Services Consultants a lot in their onsite work.

We will publish the roadmaps on a regular basis.


We want to create spaces for special user groups, like

Upgrade Assessment Team
Performance Tuning Team
Productivity Team

Video Trainings

We are using more and more 3rd Party components, open source or commercial.

As there are myriads of training videos available on the internet, we will dig for the best ones and create video course playlists for different areas.

So no excuse anymore 😉


Ever came across a question like
"How many clients with our profile did this Upgrade already ?" And no answer ?

We will try to form a database with such information about the client and the implemented components.

Anonymised but able to reference.

More ?

We need to know your opinion. 

If you have ideas what we can add in TKC,  don’t hesitate to talk to us. Remember:

This is your place