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Knowledge Card ?

A Knowledge Card is a small piece of Information, useful and relevant.

It can be of any kind of Knowledge or Experience. The information can link to a place outside, created in TKC or documents uploaded here.


We put these little pieces together and the more we collect, the bigger our Knowledge Base will be.

You can then search and filter the results based on the criterias you are looking for.

Findable !

Powerful Search and Filter Capabilities enable you to find the information you need.

No more running around and look in 24 places hoping you will find something that might help you and is uptodate

We're digging for Knowledge Items.


See below some Knowedge Resource
Ideas we want to harvest from.

Performance Tuning

Extracting the Essence from existing Performance Healthcheck Reports

Enter Performance Issues from Projects as they appear and seek solutions or workarounds together with the colleagues

Do's and Dont's

Collecting HowTos and Best Practices from the Field. Getting guidance from the lessons learned in the past


Adding Product Demos and Services Workshops on the Events Calendar.

Making all Events available to join on their own for all consultants


So many Implementation Documents we produce in so many projects. Making these available, after anonymisation, would massively grow our Knowledge Base

Q & A

Create a Question Card and start a conversation with your peers.

This is normally a very good source of Knowledge. We can also integrate jumpstart and the LTA email list here.

PACS Tickets

From Issues reported by the clients
(RTC or Jira)
we can learn in three different ways:

Training Needs

Request for Information

Our Presales Organisation has tons of Surveys from Clients about the Capabilities of our Products. And Answers too.

Why don't we put them into the
Knowledge Database ?

Existing DOCs

Even though we have a number of places where we store our Documentation, not everyone is always aware of the good stuff. So if you come across something worth sharing, share it here.

Video Training

There are trillions of Video Trainings for all Technology Components available on the Internet. The hard part is to find the good ones.

We will create Video Playlists for specific Areas with a logical order of good training stuff which is available for free.

Elevator Pitch

Create a 5 minute elevator pitch about your ideas, e.g. product enhancements. Get instant feedback from your colleagues and win an iphone 😉

Note: Many screen recording apps are for free when recording < 5 minutes.


Many topics are part of our daily work, but sometimes we don't really know the details behind some of them.
This card focuses on those common topics and explains what it really is and how it impacts our work, for example

Explained: BIAN
Explained: Restful APIs


We already have a lot of HowTo's and descriptions of certain tasks. We want to take this to the next level and create standardized step-by-step tutorials which can be created very quickly through tooling and then instantly shared in a Tutorial Card.

Initial Knowledge Transfer

Our GoToMarket process not only includes the need of creating training for BSG and Services, but also to run a session for Initial Knowledge Transfer.
We usually do a workshop with the Product Manager and that's it. This card will link to such a workshop recording to allow more people to see it afterwards. On top of it, the card allows to ask questions, get answers and discuss the content.

Release Highlights

With every release we share a number of highlighted changes.y

Imagine you could filter all the release highlights for all changes from R17 to the latest release, specifically for some product lines or modules you are interested in

Great stuff !


Very often we have to answer questions from clients about certain products and their availability.

We want to clarify those topics with Information we get from Product

Your idea here


Your idea here


Your idea here


More ?

We’re happy to hear your opinion. 

If you have ideas what we can add in TKC, don’t hesitate to talk to us. Remember:

This is your place